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Here are a few of the birdhouses that were decorated by SCBWI members and auctioned off at SCBWI Houston's regional conference.
Arlene Graziano's Puss Reboots on his trusty Catnip 3000 cat-top!
It had moving pieces!

Bill Ferguson took it to another level with Jack's Beanstalk!

Brenda Harris' Room for Rent

Charles Trevino's tribute to Wild Things

Jennifer George's tribute to Charlotte and her web.

Daniela Weil's Pinkalicious house!

Diandra Mae's tribute to Harold and his magical purple crayon.

Donna Grahmann's Indian in the Cupboard

Pam Von Soyc's Eerie Aerie

Lane's stunning wood-burned tribute to Peter

Rae Bryant's amazing ode to the Iron Giant. This showstopper was the prize of the auction!

Roberta Baird's take on "Some Pig!"

Tatiana Escallon's Spot People

These wonderful pieces of art were inspiring, and caused many a smile throughout the conference. They were also able to serve as the centerpieces to our conference tables. All in all, the original birdhouse art was a huge success, we will be having them once again as the focus of our Silent Art Auction at the April 2013 conference.

This is a creative endeavor, not just for SCBWI members or proclaimed artists. We invite everyone to decorate a birdhouse. All of the proceeds from the Silent Art Auction go to future SCBWI illustrator events. Simply mark on the registration page whether or not you will be decorating a birdhouse. 

How to participate in the Silent Art Auction:
*Purchase an unfinished wood birdhouse of your choice from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. ($3-$6) Don’t forget to use a coupon! You may create your own birdhouse, but keep in mind people may be traveling with them, so keep weight and size in mind when you do so. 

*Brainstorm an idea related to children’s literature. If you want something more specific, you can relate your birdhouse to the conference theme. You could be inspired by a favorite book or classic story, a well-known quote, character or setting.  It’s your choice. As long as it relates to children’s literature, it’s approved.

*The birdhouses are decorative art pieces and are not intended to function outside. You may modify your birdhouse in any way. You may paint, glue, sculpt, fabricate, decoupage, bedazzle-whatever alteration fits your vision. 

*Houses will be displayed on the conference tables, so keep that in mind if you alter the size or base. We still need enough room around the birdhouse for the table surface to be utilized.

*Bring the birdhouse to the conference Saturday, April 13th. You will check your birdhouse in following registration. If you have any questions, email Illustrator Coordinator, Diandra Mae at

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