October 3, 2013

Fall SketchCrawl 2014

For this month's SketchCrawl, we finally headed to Houston's Museum of Natural Science. 
I do not know what took us so long! We started our day in the Egyptian wing: 


Egyptians appreciated line art!
After a while we all realized it was impossible to draw well in the tomb-like exhibit. We headed downstairs to hang with the dinosaurs for a while. 
In the hall of dinosaurs.

At one point or another, we all drew a bust of Nefertiti! Clockwise from upper left: Kathy Farr, Joel Cook, Brittany Jacobs, Diandra Mae, Daniela Weil
Each of us picked our favorite sketches: Daniela's antelope, Brittany's skeletons, Joel's Giant Sloth's skull, my triceratops shin bone, Kathy's armadillo.
We had a great time and can't wait to go back! 
From left: Joel Cook, Daniela Weil, Kathy Farr, Brittany Jacobs, Diandra Mae