May 20, 2013

Spring SketchCrawl 2013

Our Spring SketchCrawl was another great day of sketching and studying. We chose to work at another of Houston's fantastic downtown locations: Hermann Park. Hermann Park is a location with dozens of optimal sketch spots. We discussed how we all really enjoyed the options available to us, and how more than likely, our Fall SketchCrawl will take place here.

Getting started. The variety of trees meant lots of opportunities to study shapes, textures, and the play of light.
Inside the Japanese garden.

Working inside the pagoda.

Our collection. Working clockwise from the left: Diandra Mae, Felicia Lilley, Loni Lilley, Arlene Graziano, Daniela Weil, and Brittany Jacobs in the center.
It was wonderful to see familiar faces, and become acquainted with new ones. Discussions ran the gamut of family, craft, materials, conferences, and technique. It was a lovely day spent in lovely company.

We will be skipping the worldwide SketchCrawl in July as many of us will be busy with family plans, but we will pick back up in September for a late Summer SketchCrawl. Most likely we will be working inside the Museum of Natural Science. (The Egyptian Wing is calling to us!) Rules regarding allowed materials need to be checked, as well as possibly using a group rate. Once the date is set, the information will be announced on the list-serve, and in the FB group. Happy Sketching!