November 29, 2012

SCBWI Houston's 2013 Conference

Registration has opened! Spots are filling quickly, so don't hesitate to join the fun here.

If you are wondering what's in it for you consider the following opportunities:
1. Networking with like-minded artists and industry professionals.
2. Gaining valuable insight into the children's publishing industry .
3. Earning the opportunity to submit to closed houses and agents.
4. Having your portfolio viewed by over a hundred people, including editors, agents, and an art director.
5. Critiques by a well-established and successful author-illustrator as well as an art director with a reputation of excellence.
6. Participating in a break-out session that will give you a taste of working with an art director. There will be a homework assignment, feedback, critique, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.
7. Hearing editors explain what they are looking for when they work with an illustrator.
8. Opportunities to have books autographed by their creators.
9. A chance to meet new friends, gain insight into your own work, and project yourself towards success.

For more details on the many opportunities an illustrator can take advantage of at the SCBWI Houston regional conference, click here!