October 18, 2012

Sketchcrawl 2012

Downtown Houston skyline
This past Saturday was one of the best sketch days yet! The weather was great, the location was inspiring, and we were able to meet up with another sketch group. There was talk about technique, tools and travel. All in all, a wonderful day. We can't wait to repeat it again.

Discovery Green Sculpture

Hanging balloons for Bayou City Artfest

Here are a few pages from the day:

Daniela Weil's sketch of the George R Brown Convention Center
Daniela's sketch of a cathedral downtown.
Felicia Lilley's group sketch of us.

Felicia's observations

Felicia's sketched part of the group.

I sketched a tree and experimented with a brush pen while I did some gesture drawing of yoga participants. These dogs did not make good models-haha!
Hilton hotel with charcoal
Boat driver
 This is probably my favorite sketch of the day. There was a group of older model motor boat enthusiasts driving their sail bots, tug boats and other models all over the little lake at Discovery Green. They'd tease little kids and taunt dogs by getting close to "shore" before veering away. It was pretty funny. This guy cracked me up because he was making motor noises the whole time he pushed his controller around! "MrrrrrRRRRvvrrrrrooooom" hahaha!

 Eventually we all took a break so we could show what we'd done and swap sketchbooks. There was a lot of talk about paper, pens, brushes, paints, etc. Next time I'm going to be sure to bring my watercolor kit. Color makes the whole sketch experience much more lively!
More discussion

The few left by the end of the day. 
We started out the day with about five more people. It was a nice sized group, and definitely worth the trip into town. Sketching is more fun in a crowd!

Find out more about the Urban Sketchers group here.