January 6, 2012

Picture Book Dummy Challenge-2012

 Picture Book Dummy Challenge.
*Challenge is open to EVERYONE of all skill levels, and not just illustrators! 

*Challenge starts TODAY
*The goal is to complete a book ready for submission by July. 
*Participants will identify each other on Twitter and Facebook with a twibbon.
*There will be progress check-ins as well as support and resources through the #kidlitart blog.
*Conversations on Twitter about the PB Challenge should be marked with the hashtag of #PBdummy.

I was nominated last year to create the twibbon for this event. (And remember when you go to click the "Show My Support" button that you have used the slider directly below it to resize the twibbon, and place it where you would like on your avatar.  You don't HAVE to have it block out your image.)

The light bulb is a nod to Tara Lazar, because many of us wouldn't even have a dummy to create if it weren't for her PiBoIdMo Challenge, and the twibbon she created was a light bulb, the universal sign for an idea.  The pencil is to represent the act of writing or drawing the ideas down on paper. It's one thing to have an idea, another to put it down as words and pictures. The pencil-bulb is a nod to the dedication of all the participants.

Step One of the Challenge is here. For more information and FAQs on the Challenge, read this.

Join #kidlitart this Thursday (January 12) at 9 pm EST for this week’s #kidlitart chat on beginnings and thresholds: why is that pencil sometimes just too heavy to pick up?

#PBDummy is now on Facebook!