October 23, 2011

Submit Art to SCBWI's Bulletin

From the SCBWI website:
"Starting with the January/February issue of The Bulletin we will feature a member illustrator and a piece of spot art they submit to The Bulletin. In addition to worldwide recognition, the featured illustrator will receive $100 for their winning piece.

All SCBWI members are eligible to enter by submitting one or more spot illustrations following the guidelines below. Each month several other runner-up artists will be selected. Each runner-up will receive $25 for their art and have their name and piece published in The Bulletin.  SCBWI retains only the first-time rights, the artist keeps all other rights to use the art.

Don’t delay! Put your personal touch on The Bulletin by submitting today! 

Submission Guidelines:

1. You must be a current SCBWI member to submit.
2. Illustrations should be emailed to bulletinart@scbwi.org.
3. All digital files should be titled with the first and last name of the illustrator, followed by a number for multiple submissions. (i.e. “John_Doe1.jpg”)
4. Images should be 300 DPI, TIF or JPG files; total file size 5MB or less. (Zipped or compressed folder attachments are fine.)
5. Grayscale or B&W files only
6. Art must be either line art or vignetted, not full-bleed art.
7. Do not mail your submission, SCBWI cannot be held responsible for art that is mailed.
You will be notified if your art was selected by the first of December for the January issue. Some art submissions that are not used immediately will be placed on a waiting list of a future bulletin. You will be notified as soon as the art will be used and a check will be issued. 

Look through past Bulletins at feature articles to get ideas on what made that art effective.

Themes appropriate for the following departments and columns are welcome:
• News & Notes
• Legally Speaking
• Art Tips
• SCBWI International: Here, There, & Everywhere
• Book Review
• Publisher’s Corner"