March 8, 2011

Portfolio Presentation

Portfolio Critiques:
Do NOT send your portfolio in advance; bring it to the conference. You will receive your critique time at Saturday morning registration. (If you are choosing to participate in the portfolio display, then you will drop it off during morning registration, pick it up in the same room as the critique, then return the portfolio to the table once your critique has been completed.)

This is a wonderful opportunity. The time will go by quickly, so make the most of it by being prepared.  Ask specific questions about your work and how your portfolio can best be improved. Listen carefully to the feedback given. And be sure to thank the person giving you the critique for their time.

Portfolio Display Contest:
The Portfolio Display will be held April 9th, from 8:30-2:45. Drop-off will be from 7:30am-8:20am.  Pick-up will be by 3:00pm sharp. Prizes for the winners will be awarded at the end of the conference day.

The portfolio can be leather or vinyl with page sizes from 8”x10”-11”x14.”  It should contain no more than 10-15 representational pieces of your BEST artwork and any dummies or sketchbooks that you may wish to show. If you are bringing a book dummy, remember to attach it somehow to your portfolio. Any promotional hand-outs/art samples will be placed alongside the artist’s portfolio. Please, no boxes or fancy/three dimensional set ups at this time.

Remember NO ORIGINAL ARTWORK should be included in your portfolio. Have high-quality color copies of your art in your portfolio instead. Please label all artwork as well as the portfolio case.

You must be enrolled in the conference to participate, but you do not need to be an SCBWI member. No fee is required to participate, although participation must be confirmed.
Email the Illustrator Coordinator for confirmation in the portfolio display contest

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