March 8, 2011

Illustrator Opportunities

At the Art of Bookcraft Conference you can:

1) Display your portfolio in the Portfolio Showcase where your work will be seen by agents, editors and creative director.You could receive a fantastic prizes as a winner of the Showcase!

2) Have your portfolio critiqued* by Simon & Schuster's Creative Director, Laurent Linn, in order to find out what market your work is suited for and how to best grow as an illustrator.

3) Submit images for the First Pages Panel and have Laurent give his first impressions of the art.

4) Hear Laurent speak:
Creating Real Worlds with Art & Words

"Whether in illustration or text, storytelling is the foundation of all children’s literature. We’ll explore the essence of storytelling and discuss ideas and tricks that both illustrators and writers can use to add depth to the worlds they create."

5) Participate in the Illustrator Break-Out Session:
Children's Book Illustration: Inside, Outside, & Upside-Down-
"We're jumping into the nuts and bolts of what makes art for children’s books unique from any other art form -- and how to stand out from the crowd."

6) Best of all, you will get to meet and network with fellow creatives!

*Simon & Schuster's Creative Director Laurent Linn has a few portfolio critique spots available. Register soon before they disappear!

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