June 22, 2010

Changing styles?

Bridgette Mongeon here.

I am new to the group. A writer and a sculptor. I have several things published but nothing for this age category. My hold up? I won't let anyone else illustrate my own work. So I am trying to make a comitment to work towards illustrating my own writing.

I have been a sculptor for 30 years and have not done true illustration in a long time. I'll have to post some of my older work, but I have to get them scanned. They are copied into slides- that shows you how long ago I was an illustrator.

My brain just seems to work in 3d now that I have spent all of these years doing sculpture and so I am trying to use tools like zbrush and mudbox ( digital sculpting tools) to help me illustrate. It seems to help my brain work better to think in the 3d space. To loosen up with the program I have created some quick sketches 30 minute sketches. So I am going to chime in here and add those.

I have more in this little video if you want to check it out. I created it to show the process. thanks for letting me share. I'm sure I'll have more soon. http://www.creativesculpture.com

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Roberta said...

Very Cool! I would like to learn about some of the animation tools this year.

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